Let the sunshine in


After a long day of baking in the kitchen, I needed to get some fresh air. And here I am outside which probably isn’t the greatest idea since I am battling a cold still. But, little man wanted to play outside and I thought “why not”.

top HM similar here leggings similar here hat Express similar here boots justfab here

top HM similar here
leggings similar here
hat Express similar here
boots justfab similar here

Yeah he is wearing Star Wars pants..

I do love these Justfab boots. The gold zippers in back make them just stand out among the crowd and I have gotten many compliments over them. I mean look at these boots.


The necklace is one I just got from Nordstrom Rack, which is a store I have really truly begun to love. The necklace is a celestial themed necklace and I even have matching moon earrings.



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Flour,cranberries, and pie fillings


Cherry Raspberry deep dish

Hello Gofashiondeals friends! It is one day until Turkey day! I have to say I am insanely excited about this. I love food and I love eating it!

I got to go on a quick walk with my little man and hopefully we can get outside and do some pictures of the outfit of the day. If not there will be some tomorrow. It has been raining really badly here.

But, I figured I would share some pics of the pies I am making.

I am making Apple, cherry-raspberry, and of course pumpkin pies today!



I love making pies. They are so easy to make. :) And delicious.

I am happy to have mostly everything done for tomorrow. I have a few more things to make before a road trip. I have to make green beans wrapped in bacon tomorrow and make sure that everything else is OK. What are your favorite dishes for Thanksgiving? 


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Throw Back Thursday on a Tuesday. I just had too.

RAce to save undies?

I was going through emails and saw this gem. I was hoping for coupons and got this. A game about saving underwear. Pad Racer. I have no other words, for I am too busy laughing.
Pad Racer. I can’t even…Handle this.

Thoughts? Bring on the funny!


I originally found this gem a while back and forgot about it. Really, do we really need this game. As if being reminded of that awesome time of the month isn’t enough Kotex had to do this. And I played it….for science. I am sitting here thinking about it…and well excuse me while I go laugh my organs out of my body. glargglehahahahahblarg

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Tuesday shoe day, Lucky Brand.

Hi there friends! What a glorious and icky day! Glorious because I get to snuggle with my little man and icky because it is raining like none other outside. Even though the weather app says it is partly cloudy, it is storming. Um…someone was wrong..AHEM.

Today’s blog post is featuring a cute pair of sandals I have gotten by Lucky Brand.



Sandals Lucky Brand here

Sandals Lucky Brand here

I saw these on Nordstrom Rack and had to have them. Yes. I love sea themed stuff. So cute and I love the sea horse. The Chorse shoes are worth it and on sale too with Lord and TAylor.


It is a great shoe. The only thing I can really complain about is really nothing so far. I like how simple and yet detailed they are.


Mmm coffee and a great book! The mug is actually a Peanuts mug.


And since Christmas is around the corner, what better gift than a pair of these?  

That moment your kid leaves the room and you are still answering Jake from the Neverland Pirates…..



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Summer like weather, back to summery maxi dresses.

Maxi dress Mark by Avon similar here Shoes Justfab here Bracelet HM similar here

Maxi dress Mark by Avon similar here or here
Shoes Justfab here
Bracelet HM similar here

Hello my friends I went outside today and got blown away from the heat. It is like it is back to being happy in the 80’s. Got to love the subtropics. It is a great day for skirts,dresses,and shorts.


I went for a great maxi dress I got over the summer that I forgot I had. Until I was trying to hide presents in the closet. He found them again…eesh.


I love how flowy(is that even a word?It is now.) and chic this dress is. And it is really comfortable.


The top part I wish was more fitted and there is a slight issue that if you are not careful the opening at the top can be a pain. Other than that it is a great dress.





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Some times you got to play in the rain.

Hello Gofashiondeals friends! How the heck are ya? Good I am hoping! And if from the USA hope you are getting ready for loads of turkey and holiday insanity later this coming week.

I know I am.

Today’s post is featuring that favorite skirt of mine from Shabby Apple. I adore the Racer Skirt. As I have become super fond of midi skirts. It is a cute style of skirt and they can always be useful and super feminine. I had to do some alterations though. And now it fits perfectly. When I ordered it I was between sizes. Six mile walks every day will do that to you. As well as chasing a toddler. I never sit still.

I do not know how. And when I am sick it is worse. I am back to being normal. Well, OK as normal as I can be. Look at my Pinterest and decide for yourself. And wow this post is going in a totally weird direction. BACK TO THE FASHION GIRL ,GOSH! Alright, alright.

Skirt Shabby Apple here Shirt HM similar here Shoes Michael Antonio Jewelry Givenchy here Umbrella HM Lipgloss Chanel here

Skirt Shabby Apple here
Shirt HM similar here
Shoes Michael Antonio here
Jewelry Givenchy similar here
Umbrella HM
Lipgloss Chanel similar here

It was a day of dancing in the rain. And it was a day of sinking in the mud. It wasn’t even a full rain. It was a fakey rain that was unsure of itself and decided it was going to mist and not commit to a full blown rain.


I still was able to eventually get outside to see if pictures would work and they did!


I paired the skirt with a striped crop sweater today. The shoes made me sink so, I put them aside.  I love how versatile this skirt truly is. You can pair with many different tops and shoes. I am trying to find the right kind of leopard top to go with it. It is a long process. I do wish there were more colors of this skirt. I could totally go for a black skirt like this or a navy one. OH imagine a pink skirt in this material and style! YES PLEASE and take my money Shabby Apple.


I love showing versatility of pieces in my wardrobe, one thing I do a lot of is shop my closet. And why not, there are some good pieces in there. I want people to see you CAN pair a this with that or something like that. Do we really need to post new clothes ALL the time? No. If you think about it there are a lot of combinations waiting in that dresser or closet. Just got to figure it out. I have seen many bloggers do the same. Although, I do love shopping.


We love our outdoor time. My hair was straight by the way. But the weather decided it was going to be whatever you call that there. I do my photos outside with my little guy. It is a way for him to get play outside in and I get to do pictures as well as interact with my crazy boy.

All I need now are some woodland creatures to come up and start singing with me. Am I right?

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The dreaded holiday talk.

Every year at this time we start thinking about what to get that special person for the holidays. We ask and ask “What do you want for Christmas?” We get the “I don’t know or um whatever.”  We even hear the dreaded “Don’t get me anything, that’s OK” Which we all know it is not OK and we will be scorned if we do not deliver the goods come Christmas morning.

Why am I writing about this now? Well, next Friday is why. No, it isn’t Christmas. It is BLACK FRIDAY. And that means, loads of traffic, lots of angry bitter shoppers, full resteraunts(where you can not get into because of the black Friday people and you do not want turkey again until dinner), and Christmas. Christmas everywhere.


Yes, Stark we know.But when the tables are turned…oh crap.

Yep, that happened last night. Last night I was put on the spot. My hubby asked ME what I wanted. You wouldn’t think such a thing would matter. Um I had no answer and said NOTHING. I actually said I want nothing. He then told me I needed to figure out what I wanted.




The thing is my Pinterest has a board called THINGS I WANT REALLY BAD. And I lacked the brain function to open Pinterest to pull that up and show him. REALLY?! He had defeated me the Christmas Elf. With the meager question ” What do YOU want for Christmas?”

I could have looked and said. But had no power to do so. Ugh.

I could use a new watch. I could use another bag like my grey one from Express. I want that skirt from Shabby Apple. But how to actually say it. Why can’t I? Why is expressing what I want for Christmas so hard. I love giving but when it comes to me getting a gift it is the hardest damn descision ever. It is like a hostage situation.

Question is can I do it?

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Sparkly snuggly sweater and warm cuddles.

Hello my friends, I am feeling better and am ready to share some new things. I got a couple of new sweaters from Nordstrom Rack.
And I am super excited to share them with you! Today will feature a beautiful sweater by Halogen.  It has that holiday bling and is perfect with my Wellington boots from Justfab.com.  It has the right amount of bling. :) Plus, I got it for less than $20!
Go me!!
It is a really comfy sweater and I love how soft it is. Okay, the bling is great too. There is never too much bling or being over dressed.

By the way my hair adores cold weather. (Random moment brought to by coffee.)

I love it when lids do not open as planned. The sweater is still available on Nordstrom Rack right now. Tomorrow I will feature the burgundy quilted sweater by Halogen.

The Givenchy earrings looked great with this sweater. So happy to have those.



Definitely one of my favorite sweaters to date.
I just realized that my boy got something on my shirt. Oh well, what kind of mom would I be without something on my clothes.
It isn’t a good day unless there is some sort of fruit juice or Cheetos on my clothes from him. Kids.

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This is going to make you smile

I can not believe how cute this video is! This will make anyone’s day.

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Cooler Weather and some hot tea.

I love this 48 degree weather that we have today. It is nice, perfect for snuggly sweaters,hot tea and cuddling with my little boy.  I made a cup of hot mint tea and am trying to get some shopping for Christmas done. I didn’t get to finish yesterday as my hubby had to come home early because something in the house decided to go BOOM.

This kind of thing happens every year. If not at Christmas, it happens at Thanksgiving. Joy and what a way to test my holly jollies. Seriously, it is freaking a tradition. Not one that I want to keep by the way.

Thanksgiving is next week and everyone is trying to get things ready. I am trying to come up with a menu and who is making what. I know how to make turkey and other things. But, trying to get people to play along is my problem. Oh well. Happy Holidays.

And then this the time I go through my Christmas lights and see what needs replacing. I have decided I HATE icicle lights. Those freaking lights are so annoying to put up. I want the simple one stranded lights and a lot of lights died on me yesterday. Next Friday they go up on the house. I need to get my butt in gear and get some new lights already.

wpid-b80031e4e8af0431756ebb55ab23d70f.jpgThe moment you treat your laptop as a touch screen and it isn’t.


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