Monday Maxi skirt.

Hi there my friends! And happy Monday!  It is once again a day of the case of the Mondays and multiple cups of coffee. Yes. Multiple. I am freezing so I dressed a bit warmly. It was

46 out today! Of course it will be a warm 77 today.

I decided to wear my lavender chiffon skirt that I bought from Lookbook store as well as a chunky statement necklace. My new Orly Color blast Frozen nail polish inspired me to wear the skirt.


I love it! I love how flowy and light the skirt is. It is just so much fun to dance around in and be silly.

chiffon skirt, black boots,denim jacket, statement necklace

The boots were picked out today by a tiny child. He followed me around the house dragging them behind him. God I love that kid! He is so CUTE!


It is really windy today. But, it is so pretty out!



















I really love this skirt! I need to get it in another color. Lookbook had one that was bright blue! But, alas it was sold out. Still I love this.  I am also thinking about revamping the blog. To maybe a more magazine style where there is a pic and a small excerpt of the post. Not sure though. Anyways I hope your week is off to a great start!

Steal the style.

Skirt: Lookbook  similar here

Shirt: Target (old) I like this one  here

Shoes: Justfab similar here

Necklace: Lookbook here

Jacket: H&M similar here



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Manicure Monday! ORLY Frozen collection.

wpid-20150328_130526.jpghi there friends! What a wonderful day! Today for this Manicure Monday or makeup Monday, will be taking a look at some of  the ORLY Color Blast Frozen Collection. Yay!! I picked some up at my local Walgreens. The colors are amazing!

I got the sister duo and a separate color on the side.

Color 50096 ice-solated



This color is so beautiful. It is kind of opaque and has a pearlised shine. You will need two or more coats. It is pretty thin. But over all not a bad color. I wished I picked up some white glitter to have an accent nail. Later maybe. Milani has a pretty one. For now this is just to show the color. This color was part of the Sister duo.

Color 50104 warm hugs



This color is very vivid! But it shows in the picture more red than it really is. It is a type of pink. And just like it’s companion color it is runny. Two coats may be needed. But it does go on smooth and stays really shiny.


Color 50097 Coronation ball



This is is my favorite color that I picked up. The Coronation ball is so sparkly and beautiful. It is a perfect spring color!! In fact yes, I planned my Monday outfit around it’s purpley goodness. Yes. It needs two to three coats but it is worth it! Add a top coat and it is perfection! This was $6.99 the sister duo was $10.99.

I love it! Available in stores at Walgreens.

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A comfy silly Saturday

Hi there my friends! How are you all? Hope you are having a brilliant weekend! Today we are going to a tiny person birthday and I got really noisy toys. mwahahahaha. It is payback. J/k it is a dolly that blows kisses and baby blocks.

My outfit was picked out today in knowing I’ll be chasing a 2 year old child(mine) and we will be at a park. So I picked out a chiffon sleeveless tunic from H&M. Which is a great shirt. And some leggings with leopard  print ALDO shoes. It is Caturday  after all.

We celebrate that here on this bloggeroo.


I realized upon leaving the house to go on a walk that it was coldish. Jacket weather for sure. What happened to the near 90 degree weather?





It is a great day for coffee and cuddles.


And look what I picked up!!! There is also an Elsa pallette by E.L.F.  It had a contour kit too. I may have to get it. (I am a sucker for Frozen) Expect a full review Monday!

Steal the Style:

Shirt: HM (old) similar here

Leggings: similar here

Shoes: ALDO here

Necklace: Betsey Johnson similar here

Lipstick : loreal infallible captivated by Cerise

And I decided last night after tiny child was asleep to paint my nails while drinking some Barefoot pink Moscato while playing The Evil Within on XboxOne, ah ME TIME!

How I spent my Friday night after child is put to bed.

How I spent my Friday night after child went to bed. Much needed ME time.

Yes, me time. This is how I decompress.




Of course, I flubbed it when I got surprised by something in the video game I was playing. So, I repainted them twice.

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Friday Faves, March!

Hi there friends I am posting a Friday favorites post today! I am going to share some of my favorite things from the month of March! YAY! HURRAY! OK, let’s get weird! Just kidding. I am going to show 1o of my favorite things this month.

Let’s get started
10. Marsk eyeshadow.

Marsk eyeshadow

You may have seen me talk about this lovely stuff in my ispy unboxing(unbagging really) this month. Marsk is a great company and is cruelty free. I love how pigmented the shadow is. The above is lucky penny.


I had to order some more from their website. Which I will show off once I get it. $22.50 a pot. But, it stays put! If you want to read more of my March Ipsy unboxing check it out here.


9. Resident Evil DLC for Xbox One.

Resident Evil

Call me nostalgic. Call me a geek. Call me gamer in heels.RAWR. Resident Evil will always have my heart. I fell in love with this survival horror game back when it came out on Playstation. Anyways. The DLC(downloadable content) is available on Xbox One  for $19.95 and yes is worth it. The game mechanics are much the same, and aiming is still a pain. But the zombies are better, and the graphics a pretty decent for this. Just a tip, a FYI, be sure to burn the zombies when they are dead. Just like in Evil Within.

Jill Valentine Resident Evil Xbox one

8. Sonia Kashuk All Covered up Concealer

Sonia Kashuk All covered up concealer

This pot of concealing glory purchasable at Target stores, is my favorite drugstore brand concealer. It covers EVERYTHING. I love it as a pimple hider and under eye concealer. It is thick, but not drying. So it wont dry your skin out. I use a concealer brush and apply it, then pat it with a blender sponge. I love the stuff. And it is pretty cheap $8-9 a pot.

7. Healthy Sexy hair


I love this product! $20+ a bottle, but so worth it. The Soy renewal system, in conjunction with my coconut oil treatments have really made my hair manageable. It smells good and it really works! I mean it WORKS.

6. The beach

Daytona Beach

Even though I got singed and turned into a crispy nugget. I do love it. Normally I sit under an oversized umbrella. I love the relaxing sounds of the waves, the smell of the salty air, and seeing my tiny child run from one puddle to the next. Perfection is a day of sun, sand, tiny child being silly, a ice cold something, and my favorite magazine Vogue.

5. Kindle eReader

With thousands of titles and not a lot of book shelving at home it is no wonder why this is on the list. I have been doing a lot of reading this month. I reread “The Fault in Our Stars.”

Yeah, I still cried. But, I also picked up the “Harry Potter” series and more “Game of Thrones” on it pretty cheap. As well as more Tolkien. It is a free app and the books are decently priced.

4. E.L.F. HD Powder

Best $6 ever spent. This stuff is fantastic! My makeup really stays put and it doesn’t make you feel all heavy faced. It even can set your eye shadow! To read my full review click here

3. My Inability to not make a meme at one point or another of something.


There was a massive spider around my house and so I made this one below.

Lord of the rings. Trouble with spiders.Wouldn’t be a great day without a LOTR meme.



2. Maxi skirts!

Maxi skirts!Yeah, I have really been loving maxi skirts! And why not? They just make you feel like a princess. And you can give some skirt attitude when walking away with a overly dramatic twirl. But, really maxi skirts are just amazing! They are great for any season. Especially if they are tulle like the skirt on the left. If you want to check out the original posts you can see them here and here .

1. This Dress from Lookbook.

white dress, orange heels, and pink bag

This dress white I wore last week was inspired from a Pin that I saw of Miranda Kerr, I wrote about it on my post Wednesday White Dress, Pinterest inspired. I have to say ,it is my favorite dress that I own so far and it was one of my favorite blog posts to date. I got the dress from Lookbook online and am so glad that I did!  It is an amazing dress! So affordable too! Check it out here!

So, there are my Friday Favorites for March! What do you think?









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2 cups of coffee ,ootd, and thunderstorms.


Hi there my friends! What a wonderful day it is! It is close to being 90 degrees today and today was a day I chose to wear a long sleeve Express button shirt. I have worn that shirt on the ole blog before. I just love shopping my closet! Anyway, I figured since thunderstorms are on the horizon for today’s forecast it would be cool enough to do my pics and not die. Buh.  Not only was it hot it is muggy. The storms? Hiding.

Today the outfit is a mix of royal blue, white, and teal/turquoise.  I decided to revisit the amazing skirt I bought from sheinside that I wore here in this post : Outfit of the day, Kensie inspired.   and I have also paired it with basic H&M tees.


I think this would be a great work outfit. And yes, it works for chasing a tiny child in. I do that quite a lot and in heels.









My hair got caught!IMG_3887.JPG






I do really love this skirt. It can run a bit small so you may want to order it a size up. The button down from Express is one of my faves. I love their blouses!! And I paired with the outfit some cute Michael Antonio sandals and a statement necklace from H&M.

What do you think?

Steal the style:

Shirt: Express similar here

Skirt:sheinside here  $14.33

Shoes: Michael Antonio here

Necklace: H&M(old) similar here

Belt : sheinside here




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Mint green, navy, and maxi skirt obsession.

Hi there friends!! Happy Wednesday!! Today I am running late with the blog post, sorry. Normally I am a naptime writer. I write during a tiny child’s nap. Which works well. But, my outfit of the day post is very late today and here is the culprit. #catlogic


Yeah, I had everything laid out and ready to go for the day. I was finishing up my daily morning workout and then saw this booger. WHAT A BRAT CAT!

And then I finally got the furball off my clothes and was so busy chasing a tiny child around I forgot to post the blog. I forgot to take pictures, until around 4pm. YAY! MOTHERHOOD! WOOO! (sorry I am insanely caffeinated and downed a bowl of mint choc chip ice cream before dinner)

wpid-20150325_114804.jpgThis is what was mostly today. Sand, buried tiny child, and temper tantrums. Lots of temper tantrums. Oh it is fun to be 2.

So now that, that is out of the way. I am promising some great pictures. And a lot of talking. Happy Wordy Wednesday folks!



IMG_3473.JPGIMG_3479.JPGIMG_3482.JPGIMG_3474.JPGIMG_3471.JPGIMG_3477.JPGIMG_3488.JPGI forgot to use bug spray and I am allergic to mosquitos. SO, back in where it is screened HAHAHAH! IMG_3493.JPGIt wouldn’t be a normal post without me goofing off. Seriously, I have issues.


mint and navy

I am really into maxi skirts this week. I mean I really love them! And what is not to love about them? They are easy to style and if you do not feel like wearing shorts,pants, or something else maxi skirts are a way to go. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, IMO. People shy away due to that sometimes.

The maxi skirt I am wearing is one that has been frequenting the blog since fall. I just love it and bought it on sale at ShabbyApple online. I love the flow of it and how feminine it is. This skirt can transition from day to night so easily and that earns it a high five!

What do you think?

Steal the style

Shirt: Target similar here

Skirt: Shabby Apple similar style here and I like this one too here

Shoes: Justfab here and similar here

Jewelry: Target this one would be good too. here


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Purple tulle skirt? Yes please!

Hi there my lovely friends! How is your week so far? Mine has been a hecktic one. Trying to potty train(going slow) and trying to get better from this silly sunburn from hell. It hurts! But,I found something to make me feel better. A bright purple tulle skirt! Yes!Pretty,flowy,girlie tulle skirts can make anyone feel better and AMAZING! And it was only $11.67 on sale online!

























I love how twirly this skirt is!! I feel I could just play around all day! The color of the skirt is so bright and I love it. I just couldn’t decide which shoes to wear. The skirt has a elastic waist and has 2 layers of tulle and one lining layer. It is actually very comfortable.  And this skirt fun to chase the tiny child around in and he thinks it is funny to hide in it. What do you think of tulle skirts?

Steal the Style

Skirt: Tulle skirt here and I like this tulle skirt from Shabby Apple here .

Shirt: sheinside here $12

Shoes: Blink here and I like these too.

And I have been eyeballing these freaking socks on Pinterest for a while and got them! Gryffindor!! Well, I’ll post a picture of them once I get them.

I swear I should have named my blog a geek in heels. Because that is what I am.



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Manicure Monday

It’s nap time!! YAY! OK, so it is time to post another blog post today. And since it is Manicure Monday I am going to show off my “Elsa” mani from this weekend and my revisit of Nicole Gumdrops.

Frozen “Elsa” mani.

Color Show "frozen over" Sally Hansen Hypnautical

I have been watching a lot of Frozen lately. Tiny child loves that movie. So, it inspired me to do a Elsa manicure.  I went to my polishes and found a Maybelline Color Show polish in “Frozen Over“. It is a pretty baby blue color and it has some pearliness too it. I used two coats. Over my ORLY  “top 2 bottom”. I then topped it with 2 coats of Sally Hansen Triple shine in “Hypnautical“. Topped with Sally Hansen Mega Shine top coat.


And ORLY has released a  Frozen collection. YAY! Going to get some! $7 a bottle or $11 a duo.

Revisiting Nicole Gumdrops Cinna-Man of my dreams

Nicole by OPI: Cinna-Man of My dreams

I am not normally a fan of textured polish. It has a tendency to get on my nerves. It is the bumpy texture that gets to me. I used 3 coats on a ORLY top 2 bottom base. It is such a pretty color, weird texture or not.

Nicole Gumdrops Cinna-Man of my dreams

It goes on easily.

Nicole Gumdrops Nicole Gumdrops Cinna-Man of my Dreams

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Sunburn, forgotten dress, and oh yeah, Monday.

Hi there and happy Manic Monday everyone. It is an awesome day here in this house. My tiny child is experiencing the terrible twos. He is going through some stuff right now. And it must be hard being so little and not being able to communicate what is wrong so well. Patience will be a big thing here.

And it is all gloomy and rainy out today. I also have one Hell of a sunburn. Lesson learned, I do not do well in sun. Which I already knew. Last night I got hardly any sleep, as my back was in serious pain and itchy. So, it is a many cup of coffee kind of day.

Today on the good ole blog I want to show a dress that I bought from Sheinside last year. This dress I got in September but I don’t believe I have worn it. It was just sitting in my closet. I couldn’t remember why I never wore it. So since it is so yucky and gloomy out I figured I would brighten things up.


I love how bright the bottom of the dress is.





The dress came with a yellow sash to tie around but I am TERRIBLE at tying bows. Except on Christmas presents. So, the belt is one that I purchased from sheinside as well. OK, the shipping takes a bit but the clothes are so affordable.






I just can’t figure out if I like the dress or not. In the pictures on their website it is so cute. What do you think of the dress?

Steal the Style!

Dress: Sheinside here $17

Belt: here $8

Shoes: Blink here (runs small order half size up) part of a bogo sale. use code BOGO. I also like these ALDO heels here


OK, so the sunburn won my fashion indecisiveness. I am FREEEZING. So much that I had to add an extra “E” to the word. And this Target sweater is so soft, my back is in love with it. And of course some yoga pants.


MMM coffee.

How is your Monday? Let me know what you think of the dress!




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Saturday beach day and fun!

Hi there my friends! Hope you are having a great Saturday!  Today we ventured to Daytona Beach for some much needed sun and sand. Well so we thought.


Yuck fog. It was foggy only on the beach.


Fog selfie Saturday. Would have some better pictures but I was too busy chasing after a tiny child. So here is a picture of my feet and ocean. I am also showcasing my awesome couch injury on my foot. My sofa attacked me.


I tried to get some reading done. Nope didn’t happen. Not with a tiny child running around.Yeah it was not the sunniest day out. Until around 2 or 3pm.



Yay! There was sun!! There it is!! I am also a burnt piece of bacon now. Ouch!

And Happy Caturday!



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