Not as planned day and giving in to trends.

Tobi lace up shirt

So, today was one of those days where things did not go as planned. The train wasn’t running today, so no family outing on the train. The wings I needed for the weeping angel we waaaay too tiny at the… Continue Reading

My top spooky night in must haves.

Top spooky must haves for a night in

Hi there friends! With Halloween quickly approaching I thought it would be fun to do my personal top spooky night in must haves. This time of year just is perfect for watching fun scary movies or doing things like that. I mean… Continue Reading

Off Shoulder ruffles

New chic

Hi there friends!How are you? It has been a glorious fall day or as fall like as we get in Florida. This weekend it’s supposed to be in the 70’s and I am completely thrilled! And next weekend is jam… Continue Reading

Fall Colors! Styling a dress for Fall.


Hi there friends! What a glorious fall day! Today I went outside to let the dog out and it was beautiful. It was cool out! I imediatley knew what I was going to wear. I grabbed my new Tobi Bethany… Continue Reading

New in TOBI Tyrell shift dress


Hi there friends! What a fantastic day!!! Today on the blog I wanted to share one of the new dresses I got.  The dress in today’s post is the  TOBI Tyrell boho shift dress, which is  a nice boho dress… Continue Reading

Cup of coffee and a thought; confidence and Green Glitter ootd

Cup of coffee and a thought confidence and green glitter

  Hi there friends! Hope you are having a great SAturday! Me? Not too bag. Trying to get some things done around the house. HA. Like that will happen with a toddler around. But I am trying. The laundry is… Continue Reading

Tibi tibi tibi.


Hi friends! Today on the blog is actually the outfit I wore yesterday. Believe me you don’t want to see what I am wearing today. Which consists of a stained Universal Studios shirt, my LOTR yoga pants, and leopard socks.… Continue Reading

Puffy sleeves,white jeans and Throw Back Thursday Link up PARTAY!

Throw back Thursday blogger link party

Hi there Friends! Happy Thursday! Today is the very first Link up party for Thursday! I know I said I would probably do some on Sat or Sun, but I figured this one would be unique!! So it is all… Continue Reading