Throw back Thursday. NYC

Happy Thursday everyone! In light of seeing in the news the other day that someone messed up glueing Tut’s beard back on, I thought I would show a throw back of some photos I took in 2009. Yes, you can see the glue. And people all over the antiquities community are in an uproar over the beard.






The one statue was of a dancer and no matter how you stood, she was looking at you. It was so intricate . And the Egyptian pieces were some of my favorites. I love that stuff. I really want to go back to NYC. It was a lot of fun.

The world is just awesome. Happy Throw back Thursday!

Today I am just full of sneezes and sniffles. My little lad was up all night coughing and sneezing. Poor baby bear and poor mama bear. He at one point after sneezing 4 times in a row last night went “errrrghhhhh noooo. No like!” You tell that cold baby bear. You tell it.

He decided my laptop was a great place to put Legos. He also tried to hide it after he put it on the floor. He has yet to take a nap today. Yay!

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Wordless Wednesday

wpid-20150128_105443.jpgGot to love glitches.




Just saying.

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Tuesday sparkle.

Hi there friends! Happy Tuesday! I hope your Monday was well. Mine was pretty darn good. Today’s blog post is going back to one of my favorite shirts that I got from Shabby Apple. I love this gold and white striped shirt and I got it in a different color. Although they call it a “sweater” on their site.

Shirt:shabby apple similar here Leather Pants HM: similar here Boots Justfab similar here Bracelet TArget similar here Earrings Betsey Johnson similar here

Shirt:shabby apple similar here
Leather Pants HM: similar here
Boots Justfab similar here
Bracelet TArget similar here Earrings BEtsey Johnson  here


Some rimes it is too hot to wear pants like this in the south, but today was a great day to do so! It is windy and cool out! PERFECT! And I really love pairing it with these pants. These pleather pants that I got from H&M,are simply amazing. They have some stretch to them thanks to the bit of stretch material on the sides.  Another great thing about leather or pleather pants, if a tiny person puts their gooey little banana hands on you you can wipe it off. So easy.Or if they wipe their nose on your leg it comes off really easily. YAY! Hurrah for runny noses!


photo_1 (1)photo_13
I love sparkle and while for the longest time I didn’t like gold too much, I now like it. Isn’t it weird how our tastes change with things like that. I now appreciate it and know what shades of gold work with my skin tone. Yeah, I always felt it washed me out or looked weird on me. I tended to wear only silver jewelry. Now I am all about the EVERYTHING. Gold accessories or not, I will find a way to make it work.



And it wouldn’t be a great day outside again without the old dog.

photo_1 (3)

photo_3 (2)

photo_8That is the “You dropped your toy train here.”

photo_5 (1)photo_2 (2)photo_1 (4)And it is always important to take time to make piggy sounds with the little ones. I love playing around outdoors with my little guy, even when he is busy playing in dirt, or running up and down the hill. I tried to play run up the hill and he goes “Noooooo Mama!” WHAT?! “ME time” he says. Wow. OK, little lad. I will go read. I shall read while you run up and down the hill listening to LOTR on Pandora radio. Go on my son, play on.

Have a happy Tuesday!

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Monday Midi skirt!



Hello there and once again, Happy Monday! It is a gorgeous day and perfect to be out and about! Today I want to take another look at this gorgeous midi skirt I got from . It is so pretty and perfect for spring!

Which isn’t for a while but you know.



wpid-20150126_113508.jpgIt is really windy today again. But, this sweater made it OK to be outside.


I decided to put my hair up in a top knot for this look today. It is so nice to have it out of my face sometimes. 



Shop the look

SKIRT: Sheinside here

Belt: Sheinside here

Sweater: Target similar here

Shoes: Justfab similar here

Watch: Betsey Johnson similar here



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Make up Monday. Lancome Dual finish and Chanel lip gloss.

Hi there friends! Happy Monday! I hope you have had plenty of coffee, because I have not.  Today I am working on a few things. First, I have been nominated by the beautiful Caitlin of Beauty & Colour for a Liebster Award. How awesome is that! I am thrilled!

Today the blog has a bit going on, I have decided to post a makeup look and then post a fashion post. I want to talk about some of my fave beauty products for a makeup look. These things are my serious go to’s. Some are newer discoveries and some are things I have used for YEARS. I mean years.



OK, so I want to talk about, days where you just don’t feel like using foundation. You just want something simple. Or maybe you are a powder kind of girl. I usually am.

I used a simple concealer for under the eyes, and powder. I first always, and I mean ALWAYS try to do my eye shadow first. ALWAYS! Let me say that again. EYE SHADOW FIRST. Actually that is me reminding myself of that, I forget and then BAM drop down.There is nothing more annoying than doing concealer and makeup and then drop down shadow on the face. And yes you could wipe it off with a powder brush, but we all know that doesn’t always work. And for me it rarely does.

I started out using an eyeshadow primer on my lids. I like this new one that I got from ipsy. Be a Bombshell cosmetics in Submissive. Then I used white eyeshadow with some sparkle from my Avon palette,similar here. I also used the bronze color in the crease and corner. I then tackled the concealer. I like Sonia Kashuk’s concealer in the little pot. It is heavy but great for coverups with just powder. If too heavy mix with eye cream.

I then apply the powder all over my face with a sponge.I love Dual Finish powder by Lancome. This powder is AMAZING and I have used it for years. This is a staple for me. As much as I love my Chanel foundation, which I do, I love how versatile the Dual Finish is. I do this part before contouring. Yes, I started to contour more. When you take pictures it looks nice. But, being as pale as I am, I do not like using the liquid stuff.I prefer using  the bronzer and blush combos. Like e.l.f. Countouring set. It is cheap$3 and GREAT! For me being as pale as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen,  this method works out best, As foundation being paler than me is um, damn near impossible. So, if you are a vampire or like me, bronzer and blush is what you may want to use.



I dusted powder on my face after I contoured. And then finished up my eyes. I applied liquid eye liner, like Chanel ‘ecriture De’ Chanel in brown, similar here. And for the long lashes I used a primer and then Tarte’s Lights,Camera, FLASHES. This mascara $23 at Macy’s is a new favorite of mine.

Then I just finish up with lip gloss. I love using Chanel’s lipgloss. This is shade 124 Mystic. It isn’t sticky at all(pet peeve).


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Saturday’s Simplicity.



Hi there friends! Yesterday was a day on one crabby toddler and errands. I got so busy I forgot to post my blog post last night.  So,before we go to Black Hammock in Oviedo,FL today I figured I would post yesterday’s outfit this morning. At 7AM. Because I am crazy.


It was an incredibly windy day. And the temperature was not sure what it wanted to be.

But, yesterday I decided to keep the outfit simple with a nice tunic top,jeans, and some cute Aldo flats.  I didn’t wear jewelry because sometimes little ones can get grabby. He was grabby yesterday.

I love adding a bit of color to outfits like this with a cute pair of shoes. And for running around after a little one flats are actually good to have. I am a heel kind of girl normally, but as he gets faster, I need to be more able to get to him.


This shirt which I got from HM a while ago, has been a favorite of mine since. Express has some similar and I want to get more of this style in other colors. Like pink, blue, black,yellow, etc.

Maybe green?


I love that the shirt looks great tucked in or out.




Top HM : similar here

Pants HM:similar here

Shoes ALDO: Here

Bag COACH: Similar here


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Funny fab Friday.

Hi there friends! ! Happy Friday!  Sorry the blog has been sparse,I have been on a clean up the house mode. Or whatever you want to call it. And then yesterday I got an email from Pinterest about my most popular pin. Ready?


Yes.This pin on my board has been repinned 1126 times. Yeah. This pin of Thranduil from the movie The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies has been my number one pin for weeks. Why?
Well this pin, which I pinned from someone else,who got it from tumblr, I put something funny on the caption. “Thranduil. Can not wait for the movie!! And a big thing of popcorn all Paula Deaned up with butter.”
The  comment section erupted with some hilarious insight about “Paula Deaning ” him with butter.
To which when I read that I laughed so hard I choked on air. Yes that is a thing.



My Kingdom of Geek is on of my most popular  boards. The fandoms are strong. So be sure to check it out and geek out with me!

Which speaking of geeking out, um did you know they made a pair of “nerd pants” of Benedict Cumberbatch? Yes, this is a thing. Which leaves me wondering why?

Do we really need pants with his face on them? I am all about nerding it up but, there can be a limit. (Says the girl who has a Loki shirt, the ONE RING pants, and a desire to own every sword from the LOTR movies.) Poor guy.

But these Cumberbitch leggings which are being sold for $80 on Poprageous might be a bit too much.  And I couldn’t stop laughing about this when I read the headline yesterday. I just had to share this.


You can get the matching shirt too.  How do you feel about these? Excuse me while I fall over laughing.

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Which one? Which one?

Hi there friends and happy Wednesday!How is all of your Wednesdays going? I totally forgot I had a credit with and I can not figure out which pair of shoes I want.

This one?

This is Ramona. Oooh la la

Or Aliz? Still been wanting a grey pair of boots.

Shanghai. These are just so cute!

Or this one Vitalia? Perfect for spring!

I can not make up my freaking mind. Which is so unlike me! I am normally right on the ball with shoe selection. UGH!

HELP!!! Decisions, decisions.

By the way JUSTFAB is having a great 2 for $39.95 sale right now.


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Ipsy glam bag time January!

A fresh start is what this month’s glam bag is about. wpid-20150120_115742.jpg

Fresh start huh? Well it is the new year. I love getting ipsy once a month. And it is only $10 a month.


I got a moisturizer, some shine lotion, lip balm, eye shadow, and I got a eye liner.

1. Eco-beauty good day moisturizer  by LA fresh group. This natural and cruelty free product is super hydration and helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Leaving you with Happier and healthier looking skin. $40 online at

2. Pacifica mineral eyeshadow. This organic and cruelty free shadow comes in a variety of palates for $14 online. It is infused with coconut to give a nice velvety finish. 100% vegan and it is paraben free. The color I received is called “treasure”.

3.hikari eye liner in Stormy For $13 a tube this twist up eye liner can be yours from their website. Hikari prides itself on making glamorous and sophisticated makeup to enhance features. Isn’t that what make up is for pretty much anyways. The pencil is a gorgeous steel grey color and I can not wait to use it. I did look at reviews, as I have not heard of the product before and most are good.

4 Manna Shear Glo by Manna Kadar. This little tube of glowey goodness is what they say is a great introduction to their line. Can be used with foundation, this can enhance lips, eyes, and face. $29 and available online.

5.malin+goetz lip balm
the mojito lip balm. Replenishes and protects lips. $12 a tube. Soothing to lips a little goes a long way here. Use a tiny bit and it gives relief and little shine. Add more and you get more like a lipgloss. Available here

I have to say it is a “unique” this time. The ipsy bag is called “a fresh start”, A fresh start to me would indicate more skin care than glo and shimmer. But, eh.
And I had to look up many of these products as Sephora and Ulta didn’t carry them. The eyeliner is a definite goodie. And the lip balm is nice. I am not always a fan of shimmer glow face “enhancers” because sometimes it can make oilier skin look more oily and less like a “glow” or “dewy” complexion. I am, however,looking forward to using the eyeshadow. I love coconut anything.

By the way that Coolway hair product was a total BUST. Not only did it NOT work, it made my hair feel awful. Took 2 weeks to get it back to a manageable mess than just a mess.
Bad..bad..bad. I did give it a try and I really was hopeful. But, the smell of it should have been all the red flag I needed.

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Making this Monday manageable

Hello friends! Happy Monday  or something like that. It definitely  seems to have flown by some. Last I looked at the clock it was 10 AM and now it is almost  5PM. My day flew by.
Today was one of those crazier days where trying to get things done is a mission impossible.  I did get some laundry finished. (I am still waiting on my laundry  to fold itself and put itself away.) And I made a list of things I need to get done. Like finish painting the kitchen or finish painting the bedroom. I start stuff then have to stop because life gets in the way. But it will get done.
Although nothing is getting done right now.


There is a little booger sleeping on me right now. And potty training is…um..going.
So, I hope your Monday is going well and your week is off to a great start.

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