Pink maxi dress and jean jacket.

Maxi dress HM(old) New here Jacket HM here  Necklace here Belt here Milani Lipgloss Ravish Raspberry

Maxi dress HM(old) New here
Jacket HM here
Necklace here
Belt here
Milani Lipgloss Ravish Raspberry

I love this dress from H&M and it allows me to further my pink obsession. The jean jacket is a must for fall and although it is too hot here for them, I wanted to show how it looks with a jacket.

The weather here has been so rainy that it has been hard to plan on shooting. Today we have a 70% chance of rain. YAY…..again.
OOTD pinkmaxi

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First day of October! Get ready for the holidays!


Hello! First day of October and the holidays will be here before you know it. Sounds like fun right? I love this time of year. Pumpkin spice everything, pumpkin carving, thoughts of costumes, scary stuff, and turkey time to come.

I decorated my house yesterday for Halloween. I love decorating for Halloween and Christmas. It is fun for me and I just love the change. I can not wait for the weather to cool down some more. It is still too hot here.

The thing that comes to mind now is hoping to finish my costume before Halloween and to get my little man’s costume done as well. And is it just me or has the quality of costumes gone down? I will never forget getting an Alice in Wonderland Costume from Spirit Halloween and it fell apart in an hour. That was without moving around a bunch. I was so mad. And returned it.

So, I want to make mine this year and can not wait to show you all.

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Green shirt dress and boots.


Dress Sheinside Deer Necklace Sheinside Boots Justfab Wellington

Dress Sheinside NEcklace Sheinside
Boots Justfab Wellington

I bought this dress online and love it. And it wasn’t too badly priced. It has been boot weather for the past few days and so I am taking advantage of that.

Green dress and cognac bootsGreen dress and cognac boots


Deer Necklace

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I got the pattern for Halloween!


I got my pattern in the mail for my Elsa costume. I can not wait to go fabric shopping so I can get started. I decided to make my costume this year because I am so tired of buying them only to have them fall apart. Like the Alice in Wonderland costume. The Tim Burton Alice. What a piece of garbage. I also want something that fits and well.
And so I will toil away making this thing and hope to be done before Halloween.
By the way the pattern was on sale on their website. $8 for the pattern and shipping vs the $19.95 in some stores for that pattern. Wish me luck!

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Outfit of the day. It’s about the boots.

Dress H&M(old) Boots Justfab Earrings Sheinside Bag Oscar DeLaRenta for Target(old)

Dress H&M(old)new dress here
Boots Justfab
Earrings Sheinside
Bag Oscar DeLaRenta for Target(old)

ootd white boot


I fell in total love with this dress online back in February of this year. H&M you have my heart. As well as my wallet as I never really leave that store without something.

hm dress, boots from justfabThis dress is super light and great for our hot southern weather. Yeah, I know, I know. It is fall and I shouldn’t be wearing that much white. It is cream colored. So, yeah. I love it and here in the south it still feels like summer. Even rains like it. The boots from Justfab are my favorite and let me tell you, they are super comfortable.


The drawbacks of this particular dress are the fact it is a bit sheer. So wearing something under may be necessary. When I first got the dress I didn’t think about that and boy was there a lot of staring. Even with nude colored undergarments. My husband didn’t mention it until I said something about it later that day. THANKS!


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Manicure Monday pink polkadot.


I love trying new nail art. I am learning and getting better at it. This simple nail art is basically done with Sally Hansen nail art set. I used China glaze polish white on white, Wet n Wild in dream poppy, China Glaze Nova, and Avon Metalics.
It is easy to do use a tool to do the dots. Then top it with shiny top coat. Like Sally Hansen big shiny.

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Happy monday. Time for cat yoga.


Trying to do my morning yoga which incidentally gets interrupted by a baby or cat.


He just plops down. And no matter where I go it is the same. People don’t believe me that he thinks yoga time is “notice me hooman” time.


So I set my phone to take pictures by voice command. I have photo proof now.  He just lies there. Purring and knowing my hand is under his furry little back.


He loves this and I love him, but I would love it even more to be able to workout without smashing him.

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Milani Gel Powder Eyeshadow. Review.

Milani Gel powder

Bella Bronze and Bella Sand Milani Gel powder eyeshadow.

I happened on these little pieces of shawdowy goodness from a beatyblogger on Facebook.  Unfortunately, I can not remember the name and the Facebook feed is insanely long. These magnificent little cases of shadow glory have made me a true fan of this brand. I have used their polishes before and they were pretty good. But, have now ventured into the makeup side.

The shadow is pretty well pigmented and was pretty well picked over at CVS. Where they are sold for $4.49 per piece. I believe you can also get them on Amazon for anyone out of the US.

There was not much dropping from the shadow as I have experienced with other companies. Even Dept store brands have this issue. And for higher pigment use on top of a eyeshadow primer. You wont be disappointed. I may have to go back for the green shadow.

While I was at CVS, getting milk actually I also saw this Nicole by O.P.I nail polish.

Nicole by OPI Carried Away

Nicole by OPI Carried Away

I saw this and fell in love with it! So, I had to get it. It is really sparkly and will be a great polish for this fall/winter!

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Yellow blouse,striped skirt, and sunny weather. Shoes optional.

yellow blouse and striped skirt. Yellow backless bow blouse (on sale!!!!)

Skirt HM similar here

Shoes here

OOTD. Yellow and hm

I know, I know it is supposed to be fall. But, it is still feeling like July. So, I am going to dress like it!  I love bright colors and of course I have an obsession with striped skirts, dresses,shirts, and everything else.
yellow OOTD

And yes, I know I need lipstick. Well, I have one tube left as my little man decided to play in them. There are lipstick stains in the carpet and he has stains on some of his clothes. There is a stain on his arm and leg from the Revlon Lipbalm stain.I had a very short time to get pictures done. The weather here is so crazy. We heard thunder in the distance and then looked up. Black storm clouds rolling in. YAY! More rain. The grass will love it as you can see there. In fact, it was such nice grass that shoes became optional. It was so much fun stomping around. We left feet marks and my little man was having a blast.  It was like walking on a pillow. Ahh summer…wait, it is fall right?

Oh, and before I forget. I will be making my own costume for Halloween this year. I am making my own Elsa costume as I HATE the ones in the stores. I ordered a pattern from the company McCalls for less than stores(with shipping). I will take pics of my journey of making this thing and maybe videos of adding sequins and glitter. Not sure. I am also going to need to order “the One ring”….no I don’t have that yet. And the leaf of Lorien for my son’s Frodo costume. Yes, Halloween is coming! And this Elsa can not wait.



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Need a laugh? Shoe lovers will get it.

Fight for those shoesSometimes shoe sales can be brutal. One must protect themselves as well as fight for the shoes. Channel your inner Boromir. Oh wait…

Some shoes are worth it.


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