Happy holidays in pink!

Sweater Target similar here Lace Midi skirt Express Runway similar here Jewelry Sheinside here Lipstain Chanel Strawberry red similar here. Heels Justfab here

Sweater Target similar here
Lace Midi skirt Express Runway similar here
Jewelry Sheinside here
Lipstain Chanel Strawberry red similar here. Milani lipliner here
Heels Justfab here

Happy Thursday fellowship of the bling! What a gorgeous day it is, again! I am showing off my thoughts for a holiday outfit for the festivities. I am having an early Christmas with my family tonight before our trip north.

wpid-20141218_110315.jpgI just love this soft sweater from Target. It is perfect for this weather and I can be comfy and cozy up in New York with it. I want a scarf (which I haven’t found my cold weather scarves yet….crap). I got this in an XS and it is still roomy. It may be made a bit bigger. But it is perfect with jeans or skirts.



I am still so very happy I got this skirt from Express, and it fits wonderfully. It has 4 layers of tulle and lace. It sits pretty well above the hips and waist. Plus, I got it on sale Black Friday weekend. That made it even sweeter.



This combination works for me. It has all those extremely girly accents that I like and look I am wearing jewelry. My little guy has stopped pulling the jewelry off. YAY!


This is such a great outfit and it is actually very comfortable to wear. I need more midi skirts too. I just adore the silhouette.


And of course it wouldn’t be my blog without a funny face picture somewhere. We were on our walk and I was trying to get a picture of a hawk. The camera has voice command. Well my little one said gibberish and this is the result.

wpid-20141218_110900.jpgThanks son.



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Happy Wednesday, Christmas is getting closer.

Hello my friends. My fellowship of the bling. (see what I did there?)

Givenchy Earrings and bracelet

Givenchy Earrings and bracelet

It is a glorious and strange hump day today. And after trying to have a wordless Wednesday on the blog, I couldn’t keep silent. Nope. I am terrible.

It was making me crazy.

Medden Girl wallet found at Marshalls

Medden Girl wallet found at Marshalls

Today I really want to talk about an upcoming road trip this Saturday. I really should be prepping for it but instead I figured I would blog about the prepping I should really be doing. All while playing Shadows of Mordor for XboxOne. Yeah, I am really getting things done around here.



Yes, I am making some real progress. We are going north and it is a 17 hour car ride. Yuck. And with a very opinionated 1 year old. We will manage, I hope.

Today I am getting some house work done and trying to work on the blog a bit. Then tomorrow we have Christmas with my side of the family early. YAY! Bring on the HOLLIEST OF JOLLIES!


Today though, I am trying to find the imaginary gloves we don’t have. Or may have and they have been lost to Narnia.  I am not even wearing makeup today. It is a nothing is done quite right day. I even posted yesterday’s OOTD as today’s?



I could start planing what I will be wearing. And I can not wait to chronicle the whole road trip. As well as the pictures and the snow. Ahh snow. Makes me want to watch some Christmas movies. Today is that last day or procrastination. I think it would be weird to pack today. Or pack tomorrow and spend the day Friday prepping the house. I.E. CATPROOF it.

Happy Caturday from lillady

Happy Wednesday from lillady

Got to make sure all the dishes are done laundry is finished and everything else. Before we take the epic Christmas ride. I guess I should get back to work.

I hope to have my ipsy glam bag to show off soon too and do some epic reviews! That requires a trip to the mailbox! Until later friends! Err Fellowship of the bling!


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Wordless Wednesday. Still boot weather..for now.

Jacket Target similar here boots Target similar here Gvienchy Jewelry similar here

Jacket Target similar here
boots Target similar here
Givenchy Jewelry similar here

It is wordless Wednesday,and I am already failing that. I am a chatter bug. So, yup. Anyways, we went on our usual walk yesterday. I decided to wear some snuggley boots, my favorite Target jacket, and Givenchy jewelry.








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Contouring magic just bronzer.

Hi there friends. I said in yesterday’s blog post that I would talk about my new e.l.f. bronzer and blush contouring compact.

Well,today is that day. I purchased the compact at my local Target for $3. Not too shabby right? It isn’t a sparkly bronzer and the blush is pretty nice. Although on darker or more yellow complexions it may be too light. The blush that is.
Step one is to place the bronzer on your face below the cheek bone. If you can’t find it do the good old “fish face” and go to where your iris on you eye starts. Press the bronzer not dust. Start at the hairline by the ear.
Then going back go down the jaw line. Be very gentle handed.
Then go up the hair line
This is like making a 3 on your face.
Now using a clean eyeshadow brush get more product on the brush. Then let’s contour the nose.
This is very important. Be very light handed here. Start at the corner of you eye. Place some bronzer there and blend into eyeshadow.
Then lightly drag down the side of the nose.

Next using the blush and a blush brush. And apply the blush on the cheeks. It is supposed to be as though you are blushing.
Finished. I used only powder foundation by Lancome Paris and some concealer today. The great thing about bronzer based contouring is it is quick and easy. The power bronzer works for contouring over powders. It is pretty good. And this e.l.f. compact is worth getting.


More of a finished look. Yeah. I need lipstick but,you get the idea and I was on a walk. Nature.
Thanks for stopping by!

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My goofy goober socks and my day.


I know it is so cliche’ to post a Xbox 360 controller in a picture. But this is what I was talking about earlier. I am in Christmas clean up mode(cleaning my house while listening to Bing Crosby sing White Christmas).   And while I wait for the millionth thing of laundry to be done and it to warm up for our daily walk, I am playing my favorite game of Skyrim. 


Yeah, I made a new character too. Ugh the nerd is strong with me today. It took me over an hour to make this one. I am a perfectionist.

My little one loves this game and sometimes it is all he wants me to do. He will sit on the floor play with his toys, while talking my ear off in baby gibberish, and watch mama bear play this.



We went for our walk and I took my goofy socks with, I was too lazy to take them off.


Once we got back home it was time to fold that never ending pile of laundry and mop the floors. Does it ever end? Does it?!




I have had a long day of housework and chasing cats and a little boy. I needed this break.



My socks and I have had a wonderful Monday.


They are even great for yoga. These socks can do it all. Including entertain a little baby man. He thinks they are silly.


One thing I did today was put on powder and play around with my new e.l.f contouring bronzer blush. It was a good purchase for $3 you get blush and bronzer for contouring. I will post a full review of that tomorrow. Until then, thanks for stopping by my crazy silly sock Monday.

(yeah, my hair is insane…it is one of those I don’t care days.)

Shirt Halogen (similar here)

Yoga pants Aeropostale (similar here)

Socks Target (similar here)

Powder Lancome Dual Finish

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Oh those terrible two’s!

Happy Monday everyone! Yesterday we did our family Christmas photos. And wow is all I can say. My son decided he didn’t want to behave and threw the most amazing fits we have ever seen.

We got some good pictures and I can not wait to show them off!

Today’s outfit is actually a nice combo of yoga pants and knee high Christmas Socks. I look like one giant goof ball. Yesterday, I got some decent pictures for outfit of the day.

I wore my new sweater from Target, it is so soft and I need more. Although it doesn’t stay too cold in Florida. Still, it is nice to have.


Yeah, I am obsessed with pink. It is a great color for me. I just love this cuddly snuggly sweater.


It was a gorgeous day out again yesterday. And it is today! I hope to get some interesting pics from our walk today. Yes, we walk around a lot. Sometimes it is the way to soothe the fit thrower.


These jeans are from NY&CO, and are super comfortable. They have great jeans and I love going there after Christmas for their huge sales. Is it weird I am more excited about that than anything?

The necklace I am wearing is from Sheinside.com, one thing about them is they take a while to ship. If you order from them order things you do not need right away. And stuff can be small, it is based from China. But, they do have cute things and I have ordered from them a couple of times.


Well, After a day of fits and trying to get the lad down for a nap the walk won. I was able to change for the family Christmas photos.  And eventually he was up and running around.

The lipstick here is Chanel Strawberry red. I am addicted to their lip stain.




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Silly Saturdays

Ever have one of those days where you want to post a picture from your blog on Instagram  and you keep changing your mind about it? Yeah. Me. Today.


Got to love it when that happens.


I thought about this too. And then started thinking,”when was the last time I posted on my Facebook page?” It has been a while.
I guess I should get back to it. Do you ever find you end up favoring one social media vs another. Even my Twitter has been neglected a tad. Although I did tweet about some cute boots I saw online. I just have been in the social media slump. ARRRHHHH.

I need to get back into the grooves of things and such.

playing around with candy camera, and I am liking it a lot. And downloaded it for my iPad Air.

playing around with candy camera, and I am liking it a lot. And downloaded it for my iPad Air.


I am still mucking around with that Candy Cam app. And it is pretty good. I like the blemish remove feature. One thing is the adds are annoying, but it is a decent app. The selfie filters are pretty good and the app gives my iPad a timer which it doesn’t have already.  Nice right?


2 weeks guys and gals. Just 2 weeks? We ready?

I haven’t been playing Shadows of Mordor or The Evil Within, I have been playing Skyrim which is my favorite game, but I am feeling like the other two games are feeling neglected. Like the ghost elf and Talion are sitting there making sad face at me.


Why you no play?

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Christmas family photos and the like.

Got to love this time of year, Christmas tree lots,hot cocoa, and lots and lots of twinkling lights. The other thing is Christmas photos. This is our first year getting our little family into a Christmas photo. Only it wont be a “let’s squish around the Christmas tree” it will be lets get more fun photos around the town’s light display and town tree. Yes. Outdoors. Hopefully my little man will behave. If not oh well we work with what we got.

Christmas pictures growing up was trying to coral the family into a central location and get a snap before everyone went back to being goofy and make merry. We never did the whole matchy matchy thing. We all were as is. OK, wait I tell a lie, I remember once my mother dressed my sister and I up identically. We were wearing white shirts and plaid skirts. We were not thrilled.

The other thing that comes to mind is what on earth do I wear?? Do, I just wear regular clothes? No, I am thinking something more dressy. OK, for me this is normal day to day stuff.


This outfit with the white lace and red shirt?



This really pretty pink sweater with black lace? I love both options and both will be good.



Hmm. Well, what ever I choose it will look great and I can not wait! By the way, Target has a great sale on clothes right now. The shirt was $7 and the sweater after cartwheel was only $11.99.

I was very happy about that! I think I am leaning towards the red and white. Oh I don’t know. As for my little guy, I am thinking a cute little sweater and jeans. Hubby? Uh…I will get back to that.

I will be sure to post the pictures as soon as we get them. The shoot is tomorrow! :)

Thanks for reading!

Shirts are from Target red shirt was $7 the pink was $11.99 after sale discount and I then used cartwheel for an extra 25% off.

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No Curling Iron? No problem! Hair hack ahead!

If you are like me and stalk Pinterest, then I am sure you have seen these hair hacks. Using a flat Iron for a curling iron.

I have to say I was skeptical about it. But, after watching a wonderful youtuber and blogger fromheadtotoe. The link is for the vid. After watching her show how to do it, I had to try it.


Just so you know, my lighting in the bathroom sucks. Sorry. And if it is blurry I had a little man tugging on me. I almost didn’t finish my hair.

Start by putting a heat shield on your hair. I like the one by CHI.


Separate your hair into two sections. OR put one half up in a clip. Use small pieces. Wrap around the starightener and pull through.


As you can see it curled! And it looked great. Now word of caution. It is a quick way to curl, but cumbersome. And if you aren’t quick you will get a nice crimp in there. Not cute. It will take some practice and the thicker the pieces the harder it will be to curl.




Lots of cute and easy to do curls.



I have a thing about sweaters with city names on them. Have no idea why. Watch the tutorial it is worth it! Don’t forget to set hair with hairspray. I like Loreal Lock it.

Any other hair hacks ideas? Let me know in the comment section!

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I could live in HM.

Hello friends. What a nice December day. It was a great time today for a walk, it was cold but still good.

Shirt HM  Jeans HM similar here Calvin Klein Jacket similar here boots Justfab here

Shirt HM
Jeans HM 
Calvin Klein Jacket similar here
boots Justfab here

I saw this shirt Black Friday weekend and had to have it. The thing I love about HM is how affordable it actually is. It is a dangerous store for me to be in.



I love the coat, yes it makes a regular appearance, but really the south doesn’t get cold enough to warrant a closet full of coat options. Shoes are more important to me.wpid-wp-1418405292834.jpeg

This shirt from HM is really soft and it is something that looks great with a midi skirt, or other items. I like showing versatility of items in my closet.


I ditched the jacket for one picture. And Promptly put it back on. Yea, the cold bothered me today. Lack of sleep again will do that.


I am also trying out a new app on my phone for some of these photos. I was curious about Candy Camera. It is a photo filter app, and so far it is living up to it’s good rating on Google Play. I have to play around with it a bit to really see how I feel about it. (NERD ALERT)

The selfie filters are actually pretty gosh darn good. It is free and has a pro app available for a fee of course.

And what do you think of the Flat Iron Curled hair? I would have done a better job if I had taken more time. I will be posting about that tomorrow. With a how to.



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