New outfit! ShabbyApple ootd


Shabby apple little Suzie skirt here, shabby apple Sugar Sugar sweater, shoes Justfab, pave chain bracelet Target here.

I love ShabbyApple. It is a newer love but a love nonetheless.  They make simply the cutest clothes and have great pieces. Have you seen the bloom skirts? Go look!


I love this little Suzie skirt and sugar sugar shirt which both are on sale.


Shabby Apple is a great company to order from and I highly recommend.


The sandals are from and the bag is from Coach. And of course my dog had to be included.


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Sheinside lace skirt and hm shirt.


she inside skirt

skirt sheinside here necklace Ny&Co(old) similar here, shirt HM Belt Target similar here

Hi readers! It is almost Halloween time! I am no where near done. I some how have to find time to finish my costume, my son’s costume, and the last minute costume of my sith lord. Wish me luck. And oh, I also have to clean and such in between.  I actually got a daily outfit done today!! Woohoo!!Today’s outfit is a great white skirt I got from  It is one of my favorite places to shop.


The shirt is one of HM basics tees and it is a must for anyone’s wardrobe. I love how it fits and goes with so much. I ordered a green one today. Green has become a color I under appreciated and utilized before.
The belt is an oldie from Target.


I got that necklace from New York &Company years ago and it is one I relish.  I love the colors and beads.





I am hoping that today I get mostly all I want to get done finished.  Wish me luck friends.
I need it!!

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Almost done with the costume.


Almost done with the costume. Just got to glitter the back!


Of course there are some other things I need to do. I need to add more glittery things and adjust the bodice a teensy bit.


It has taken a long time to get here. And last night I started the finishing steps. As well as make my little man a cape from Loth Lorien for his Frodo costume.



Mint dress sheinside, Justfab heels, Coach diaper bag, hm jacket

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Gorgeous weather for boots!


Sorry for not posting an outfit of the day for a couple of days. Things have been rough in mama land. But, today I am back at it getting pictures of the outfits. It gets hard because I have to work around my little one. And if he doesn’t nap or will behave outside then we get into problems.


Shirt HM similar here, Pants HM similar here, Boots Justfab serova

I love these pants so much from HM and the shirt too. Which is also from HM. I like to, on busy days like today, go for comfort without sacrificing my style. And let us be real here, HM is always affordable and they make such cute clothes for the whole family.


I love weather where it is cool enough for boots. The weather is cool but not too cool. It is perfect for lots of Fallish activities.


The pants are available online or in store. The shirt is from last season, remember me saying I like to mix old and new? But has some similar shirts and are also super affordable.


The Serova boots are available on and are 39.95 but if you are new to the site they give incredible discounts. Only wish they gave customers who have been with them years (ahem) a nice deal. I’m sure you agree.



And I shall explain the hair. It is called mom was in a hurry this morning and forgot to straighten it. It is mom hair.



Maybe today we can visit a Pumpkin Patch. Or We will end up at Best Buy. Perhaps both, both is good.

Do you wanna go to Best Buy, and look at Xbox games. Really need to go. get out that door and get another game today. We have so much fun there, just you and me looking at big TV’s. Do you wanna go to Best Buy? 

You know you sang that in your head like Anna on Frozen.

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Up since 1 am. Make sense, you will not.

I was awake at 1 am this morning, and while trying to get the baby back to sleep I got frantic and bored. It is super hard to fall back asleep when you keep hearing the little lad in the baby monitor. What to do? Answer emails,check order stats on stuff I bought, and Pinterest. Gods, yes Pinterest. Where everyone pins never ending Loki,Middle earth,food,home ideas that you will never get around to actually doing, and hair ideas. How many pins from a beauty board have you tried? Me? Quite a few, for science. One I regret trying was the brown sugar hair spray stuff. FAIL. It was for Science that I tried it. Fail pin is fail. What was the biggest Pin fail you have had?


You get sucked in by all those fabulous drink and party ideas. Which I want to throw my kid a Harry Potter bday party! Just because Pinterest… And one day I will get around to it. I have more luck with certain food pins than beauty ones.


So for this funny Friday have some ha ha’s and some eheheheheh’s . Because it’s Friday and you earned it! As for me,I am going to take a nap since my little one is snoozing. Oh the joys of motherhood.


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Shabby Apple goodness.

I have a great deal of new found love for Shabby Apple. The Bandersnatch skirt I got from them is absolutely wonderful and today I ordered some other great pieces. Here is what I got.

Little Suzie Skirt
This skirt the little Suzie skirt is on sale for $26.99. They still have plenty of sizes. I think it will find a great home with the rest of my wardrobe.

Blue RAcer skirt Shabby Apple
The blue racer skirt is adorable and I hope it is cuter in person. What attracted me to it was the color and that cute bow. This retro style is fabulous and I love how these kind of skirts look. It is $58, but it is a quality piece. I will let you all know how it fits.

Shabby Apple Sugar Sugar sweater
The last piece is the Sugar Sugar sweater, although it is a shirt. Not a sweater. When one reads or hears sweater, we think long sleeves and cozy. This has short sleeves. The Sugar Sugar has 2 colors available and guess what it is on SALE. $19.98 and I purchased both colors.

I can’t wait to see these clothes when they come in! I am most excited for that Blue Racer Skirt!

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Costume update, got the bodice and skirt almost done.

This costume is definitely a challenge. And is taking a bit of time to do. But, when you can only do bits at a time because of a tiny human and needing help to sew things go slower. Tiny human reprogrammed my mother’s sewing machine while we were fitting the bodice.



The costume was a couple sizes too big for me, the pattern was only a few sizes too big. We have had to fit the costume a bit more than we were hoping to.



The bodice has been the most work and it still needs more done. The sheer overlay still has to be attached.



The skirt is proving to be easier than anything else. I am hoping to get it mostly done this weekend for Halloween next Friday.

wpid-20141022_113750.jpgStill needs work yes, but is is getting there mor and more. the bodice will be more form hugging. and the skirt is mostly done. We just have to hem and connect the two together as well as add a zipper. Which finding the color of zipper to match was almost impossible. Great/

Oh, and my son’s leaf of Lorien came in and he had mama wear it. He also got Sting in yesterday and has not stopped playing with it.

Battle Action Sting


We didn’t have to go into a troll cave for this, Amazon did that for us. HA!

Battle Action Sting.

Nice try Sauron

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Justfab Serova

It is boot weather! And I am so happy, and every now and then here it is cool enough for them. That doesn’t happen often right now.





The Serova boots are really comfortable and super cute. What made them stand out to me was the zipper in the back. It definitely makes a statement. I am looking forward to wearing them more often. The one thing is you may want to get a half size up. So if 7.5 get an 8. Other than that these boots are easy to walk in and are a wonderful fall boot. Only drawback is when you knee it sounds like something rips. Of course nothing does, it is just the zipper rubbing against the buckle.

Take our fashion quiz at

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Got to love the Fandom shirts.


Shirt Skreened pants HM boots justfab


Today I feel like it is a Loki shirt day, so the outfit of the day reflects that. I say represent the fandom. My little man has been watching the Avengers and Avengers Lego movie today. Which the Lego movie was very cute, if you are wondering. So, I decided to wear my Free hugs for Loki shirt.

 I am just wearing it with jeans and some great black over the knee boots. I just got the boots Saturday! And I will feature the boots tomorrow for Tuesday Shoe day! Love it!


The shirt is available on Skreened and is made from an American Apparel tee shirt. They have quite a few different Loki shirts for you Loki lovers. I feel like this Monday a funny shirt is neccessary, as it is my turn to play Shadows of Mordor for XboxOne. My hubby got to play it all weekend.  But, that will be during nap time. This morning is all about cleaning. I don’t know what it is about weekends but all that work I do cleaning all week goes down the toilet. And so Monday is full of me yelling at myself for being somewhat lazy and for how in the heck is there so much laundry?!


Got to love chasing a 1 yr old around.

There is a lot to do this week and there will be a lot of Halloween prep pictures. Expect a new post for the Elsa costume sometime tomorrow late or Wednesday.  Got to love planning out the week! I love it!


Got to love nature.



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Costume Progress


Good afternoon everyone!  I made some progress with my Elsa costume today.


Got all the pieces of the pattern cut out. I forgot how much work is just in cutting out the fabric pieces.


Cutting out layers and layers of fabric for the bodice and then figuring out how they go. This pattern is a bit more intricate than I have worked with before.




We got the bodice cut out.


And while I still have to cut out the rest of the cape, we still have so much to do. Piecing it together and then making sure it looks right. And then sizing the costume differently that they have. After all that is said and done, I get to put sequins and beads on it. As well as glitter the dress fabulously.
So Tuesday there will be an update. Thanks for reading!!!

Two boneheads. HAHAHAHA

Two boneheads. HAHAHAHA


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