Shopping edit:Sequins and faux fur.

shein outfits

I love sequins. So much. There is something so glam about it. And I love that if you do it just right you can wear them during the day and all year. I love that the trend of wearing spaghetti… Continue Reading

Nyxing it up! Nyx liquid lingerie.

Nyx Liquid lingerie

Hello there my happy friends!! It is time for another bloggery post. I am taking a break from playing my Xbox and dying from a great story line in DragonAge Inquisition to bring you this awesome bit of makeupy goodness.… Continue Reading

OOTD winter faves

It has been coldish lately here in the Sunshine state, and that means I can dress a bit more “wintery”. Love when there is a bit of a chill in the air. This week I decided to take a day off… Continue Reading

Stripes,otk boots, and books I am looking forward to.

  OK, so like, it’s 2017 or something, and while most bloggers and people I know are over there posting about their ” 2017 goals” and what not I’m over here thinking where in the hell did I put my car… Continue Reading

What I wore Cold shoulder

      OK, so yesterday was full of errands with the lad, I had just enough time to get this outfit shot and done. But by the time I was finished running around with him to appointments. We had… Continue Reading

Velvet Crush! OOTD

Hello and Happiest of New Years again! I got the house to myself, and the first thing I did besides getting blog stuff done was CLEAN, CLEAN, AND CLEAN some more. Why? Well, when the whole family got sick It… Continue Reading

OOTD: Mother of Dragons

I fell like I have been the worst blogger lately. No posts really to speak of, of course with my tiny one home and hubby home for holidays/everyone has the plague, it makes it hard to write. Had to write… Continue Reading

Zaful haul!

Hi friends! Happy New years eve! Today on the blog I want to talk about shopping! No surprise there, it is what I do best besides being a mom and wifey. So I teamed up with Zaful to share some… Continue Reading