Girls night out. Black and white.

Hi there friends and happy Friday! Last night I went out for a fabulous girls night out with my best friend. I decided to wear a really cute shirt from sheinside. It is a beautiful lace shirt with some jeweled details on the collar. I love this shirt. And I paired it with some imitation leather pants from HM. The great thing about the shirt was you really do not need much in the way of accessories. I wore simple fresh water pearl earrings with it.

It was $2 dollar drinks night for ladies night at the restaurant and I got a what is called a “plum blossom” it was a champagne and plum wine cocktail. Oh it was good. It is a sweet drink thanks to the plum wine and it had that effervescence that comes with Champagne.  I think I can make that at home. Seems simple enough. Some times a simple cocktail is the best cocktail. And I just wasn’t in the mood for a martini.









 Steal the look

Top: Sheinside here $11.90

Pants:  HM similar here or here $17.50

Shoes: Blink here bogo at with code BOGO.

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Outfit of the day, let’s be casual.

Hi there my fabulous and FIERCE friends! Yes, you are fab and fierce! Today is another day in potty training paradise. We are giving it another go. Wish me luck. Today being a day of this awesomeness, I opted for a casual outfit. Something simple but still adorable. Perfect for chasing a toddler and yet perfect for errands.

A white tank top, a great scarf, comfortable HM super skinny jeans, and the love of my feet, my boots from This is a great outfit to have and go to when you have just so much stuff to take care of and do.

The other thing is any kind of scarf works and I love how a simple scarf can make as much of a  great statement as a gorgeous necklace. Plus scarves are just fun!





                                                         Steal the look:

                                             Tank top: HM similar here

                                          Skinny jeans: HM similar here

                                          Boots: Wellington

                                         Scarf: Target Stores similar here


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Outfit of the day Kensie inspired.

Hello there friends! I am hoping your day is well and fabulous! Mine is so far got a lot of stuff to post and spring is on my mind! While reading my current Vogue magazine for March I came across an add for Kensie. Which is a great line from B.C, and they have ladies fashion and kids fashion. It is a youthful line.

The outfit I was drawn to was this one below.


Image credit: Kensie

The white lace set reminded me of a set I have in my closet that is awfully familiar.


I got this set from and love it! The Kensie set will probably set you back over $100 and this one maybe a little over $33.



The thing is with white like this be sure to wear nude colored undergarments. It will show other wise.


This set runs small so order a size up. I am a small in clothes from but after reading the reviews I followed the advice and ordered a size up. The shirt I did get in a size small.


I it is a nice a cool outfit and perfect for hot weather and springtime. This outfit is so versatile that you can pair the skirt with different shirts, and the shirt as well. I love pieces that can be worn together as a set or as a different outfit. And I adore these gorgeous Michael Antonio sandals that I got on sale. I can never pass up a shoe sale.

Things like this just make me so happy.

                                                          Steal that style:

                                                  Top: sheinside here $18.33

                               Skirt: sheinside here $14.33 remember order a size up

                          Shoes: Michael Antonio similar here $49.99 (picked a nude color of the                                     same shoe I am wearing to match the Kensie ad)


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Tuesday shoe shoeday! Blink

Hi there my fashionable and awesome friends! Well, it is another Tuesday shoe day! And it is great to show off my new patent leather shoes that I got from from their BOGO.


These shoes called Brandy by Blink are absolutely adorable! I love the patent leather and the little emblem on the back part of the shoe.


These gorgeous heels come in different colors and even come with replaceable heel bits. They know that the heels in these shoes take a beating and sent replacements. Which is great in my humble opinion.

The Brandy shoe is made of man made upper and sole.  The heel height is est 5 1/2 inches with an 1 1/2 inch platform in the front. The shoe I got is a 8, these run a half size small. So, if an 8 order 8 1/2 if 7 order 7 1/2. I am a 7 1/2 so I got them in a size 8.

These gorgeous shoes are still part of BOGO sale. Brandy by Blink is $49.99 on sale now!

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It’s the manic Monday post!

Hi there my friends! Happy Monday! And what a manic and crazy one it is today! I have been victim of the tantrum day. Yay, motherhood. And potty training could be better. But, it is a process and patience is key here.

Today, I was going to post an amazing outfit, until right before we were to take pictures a certain mommy(me) spilled  breakfast all over it. So there went that. And so, I went for a different look. A crazed mommy look.

Behold the mom uniform today.


It is hot out so, I opted for some nice shorts a simple top and cute ALDO shoes. Perfect for chasing a toddler around the back yard and house.


I also since it is makeup Monday, have to say I am in LOVE with my Chanel pressed powder. Hey, even my hair says it is Monday.


wpid-20150223_122738.jpgwpid-20150223_124219.jpgBut, this tiny gift from my wee lad, made it worth the trouble of tantrum Monday. He gave me these teeny tiny flowers. It made it better.  Flowers make everything better. Don’t you agree, and what a thoughtful little man.

Shirt: HM

Shorts: HM

Necklace: here

Shoes: ALDO similar here

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Sunday something.

Hi there friends and what a happy Sunday it is! Full of Sundayish things. Today is just one of those days where I have no idea what to say but want to say something. Extreme writer’s block. The joys oh the joys of it. This week I got quite a bit planned for the ol’ blog. And I can not wait to share it. Of course more outfits to show. And some interesting beauty reviews to do.
But, for now I am off to go clip some coupons and drink another coffee. Mmmm.
Here look at some flowers. Have a wonderful day!


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Funny Friday!

Happy Friday everyone! What a fabulous and COLD day it is! I am sitting in the warmth of my house in a pull over sweater and not wanting to ever leave it. I had to venture out this morning and yeah, Ice.


SO, these were the boots I was wearing today until my little guy decided mom should wear the red ones. With socks on. Um..


Yeah, such a fashion statement. I tried to take the socks off and he got upset. He is having another rough day. We have had to numb the mouth a bit today. I can not wait for teething to be over. Seriously. I can not wait. Poor boy and poor mama.


And it wouldn’t be some kind of funny Friday without some sort of LOTR meme or Hobbit Meme . I still haven’t seen the last movie..what is wrong with me?! That coffee by the way is delicious.

My life right now with the Battle of The Five Armies.

My life right now with the Battle of The Five Armies.

I am also working on some of next weeks blog post ideas.  Today, I should be cleaning but instead I painted my nails and read Vogue.  Hey, it is Friday.


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Can never pass up a good shoe sale

Hi there friends and happy Thursday! I am hoping it is a great one for you.I am fighting sleep at the moment, I pulled an all nighter with the wee lad.I am thoroughly exhausted. Anyway,we all know that I love shoes. And that I can NOT pass up a good shoe sale.Remember ALDO? Well, on they have a great BOGO going on right now. And I got some great shoes for it. For $49.99 I got 2 pairs of shoes! I just had to share this, one because you all are awesome and two I love sharing good sales!

Blink makes some good shoes and they are priced online at $49.99. I got an orange pair and a new basic black pair.  But with the code BOGO, you can get two for $49.99 and there are other shoes going for this same deal. There are some ALDO styles going for this BOGO too. 
And you can get free shipping! I am so excited and remember you can never have too many shoes!


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Minty green and leopard prints.

Hi there my friends! How are you all today? Wonderful I hope. I am writing this while letting my coconut oil masque sit in my hair. But, that is not the main subject of my blog today.

I have been really thinking about spring or springy outfits. And today I really wanted to wear this adorable minty green dress from sheinside. So, I did because I can, never mind the fact it was 40 degrees outside. Brrrr.

I love how this dress fits and it is pretty well made. It is a great dress for spring and summer. This is also a great dress for a wedding too. So, if you get invited to a spring wedding here you go. This dress is a great idea.











The dress is lined, and is made of chiffon.

Dress: sheinside here

Jacket: HM similar here

Necklace: Target stores similar here

Shoes: ALDO  here

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Treat yourself Tuesday.

Hi there my friends! Well, today I am posting about some things I just purchased online and can not wait to have them in my little hands. I am trying to get my wardrobe spruced up for spring, with some great must haves that will move on to summer. I decided to Treat myself! I have been seeing a lot from Lookbook lately and thought I would give them a whirl. I have also just got some more goodies from .

So what did I get?

OK first up let me share some things from Lookbook.

by the way typing with a needy cat is  really hard. Go away kitty!

First is this really cute floral romper $33.

I saw this on their website and had to have it. So, I ordered it.

This crystal statement necklace ,$22, is one that I am really curious to see when I get it.  Of course I got some other things, but those pieces are secret! This is just a sneak peek. Lookbook is also having a great sale. So check it out.

Next is Sheinside. This company I do like shopping with and shop as frequently as H&M. I haven’t had any real problems with their clothes and do enjoy everything
I have gotten.  So here is a sneaky peak at some items
I got from them for my “Treat yourself Tuesday”


This beautiful dress had me at hello. $34.02 for this amazing dress here 

I also got this sweet pink bowed skirt for only $14! Sheinside is also having a pretty good sale. I love shopping online. I can plop down on the couch with a glass of wine, and in my pj’s with not a care to be given. I do love it and it is like Christmas when you get your packages!

I am also going to start posting more of my “healthy hair journey” on the blog. Not sure what day. I just ordered some Coconut oil and can not wait to try it. I have read it does amazing things for dry hair. So, that will be fun to share.




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