Geeky and glam.

Hi there friends! Happy Tuesday! After a quiet day at home it is back to blogger world. I wanted to talk about the shirt I designed. As you all know I love my nerd shirts and I love glitter and sequins. And so I combined the two.  Geeky and so very GLAM!

SKyrim sequin nerd shirt

I paid homage to one of my favorite video games, Skyrim! I love the dragon symbol and with the sequins it brings it to a whole new level. So much love. And I am thinking of opening an Etsy shop selling sequin nerd shirts. Just got to think of a good name. Maybe I’ll do a nerd shirt give away for the one who comes up with a good name.


I word my CMEO collective skirt with the shirt and kept the whole look monochrome as you all know I love doing. I am thinking if I did do my own line I would keep it basic colors like White, black, and grey.

All of this was done by hand. Nothing was machine.


MY hair was doing something crazy weird yesterday.

2016-07-04_14.45.53I love the shirt and I can not wait to make my next one, I am thinking of the elvish word for hello.




See you can support your fandoms or fave things geeky without sacrificing style and look chic, it is all how you style it.

Like yesterday’s outfit of the day here




2016-07-04_14.44.112016-07-04_12.03.25So what do you think? Tell me in the comments below!



The Etsy shop is now OPEN! This shirt is available here!!! So far available in white, going to be eventually make it in black with white or silver sequins! Stay tuned, but the white one is for sale now in the shop sizes S-XL !

Shop the shirt here!
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  1. You’re so interesting Stephanie – I love how you combine fashion with your fandoms haha 🙂

    • Thank you Gabrielle! I have always loved nerdy shirts but for the longest time stopped wearing them because back then being geeky was NOT “cool” being a girl that played video games wasn’t what girls should do. But as an adult I just feel like it is important to just be yourself. Yes, I love my modern fashion, the trendy fashion, the whatever fashion but I will always be a dork at heart. 😀

    • Thank you!! I love my nerd tees and hope to make some really cute ones. 🙂

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