Flat out.

Hi there friends! It has been a chilly couple of days here in the Sunshine state and I have been enjoying it! Love the cooler weather! And my hair loves it too. I can have a great time of no frizz and my hair being whatever it feels like. I’m telling you, the best stuff I have purchased for my hair is that Living Proof no frizz line! Life changing. Seriously life changing!  Great stuff, just great stuff.

Other great stuff are my new ALDO Sandals!

ALDO sandals, Yoins dress, hollister jeans

I got these shoes on a recent mama’s day out. I have a few pair of gladiators and one pair of flip flops. Here in Florida flip flops are a staple. I need to get a new pair. These sandals are a mix of gladiator and just a basic strappy sandal. I went for flats today, I didn’t feel like wearing heels today.

Spongebob belongs to its rightful owner etc, etc.

I know it is shocking! No heels. Flats today. Flat out in flats.

ALDO shoes and yoins dress COACH bag franscecas necklace

I also wanted to show another way of wearing the Yoins dress. You can pair this dress with jeans for a whole new look. Remember gang we love versatility! This outfit can go from lunch date with the mom’s club or besties to date night. Change out the flats for heels and bag goes to a clutch. Done. These ALDO sandals are so comfortable and stylish they will take me from winter(sorry) all the way until fall and beyond! I love the slight heel and the black goes with everything!

yoins and hollister

yoins dress and ALDO shoes COACH bag

Because I was running around with tiny child, I brought  my Coach bag. It carries everything! From pampers to Mac lipstick or in today’s case E.l.f lipstick.

Yoins dress, hollister jeans, ALDO shoes

Dress : Yoins(c/o) // sunglasses : Express //jeans: Holister (similar) // shoes:ALDO(similar ) // necklace: Francesca’s (similar) // bracelet and rings : H&M  // lipstick : E.L.F

I also love wearing a long necklace with a turtle neck. It looks so cute together! And I adore that cute shadow next to me. I can not tell you how many times we lost his fave ball in the grass… Note to self do NOT bring a bouncy ball that is the color of the grass….




It was so bright out I was blinded. And I am out of my fave Chanel foundation. Any suggestion on a foundation? I have been super faithful to Chanel and Loreal true match. I like full coverage for my vampire like skin.


Have you ever have a hair tie break and then you have to make do with a headband? My life today, it was definitely a Monday!

Just incase you missed it!! if you want to see how else I styled this dress from Yoins clicky here or here to see an even more amazing outfit! Thanks for stopping by the old bloggeroo…

*anyone else think about a blogging kangaroo when I say that?just me? Welp….*

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Also participating in Reasons to Dress link up party! BE sure to check out her blog for a wonderful slice of Italy!!!!



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    • Thanks Yuka!!!! ME too! I love spongebob and considering I own more heels than flats it made sense. It made me chuckle when posting it!

  1. Love how you paired the dress over pants, great for a chilly day. I can totally relate to your hair. Mine is naturally curly as well and does not cooperate with the humidity. I’ll have to check out that Living Proof line!


    • I am hooked on living proof now. It is a game changer. The no frizz line is incredible.

  2. I can understand why you opted for flats thanks to these beauties – such perfect ALDO sandals and you wear them well! Glad to hear you’re happier with the temperature over there now.. I can’t imagine wanting colder weather haha!


    • Thanks Gabrielle! ! I love cold weather because I can outside ahahah.and my hair behaves.

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